Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Sigmund Freud University Vienna

Freudpl. 1+3, 1020 Wien, Austria

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Sigmund Freud University (SFU) is a private and for-profit[1] university accredited by the Austrian Accreditation Council in August 2005 located in Vienna, Austria. As a university in the field of Human Sciences, SFU specializes in Psychotherapy Science, Psychology, Medicine (since 2015), and Law (since 2016). Sigmund Freud University pioneered the study of Psychotherapy Science as an academic degree. This program approaches Psychotherapy by emphasizing research activities, practical training, and academic exchange among different psychotherapy schools. Sigmund Freud University is one of the only academic institutions in the world, where Psychotherapy is taught at an undergraduate level.

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School Director: Professor Giselher Guttmann

Population: 5500

Population of Teaching Staff: 95


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